Our Approach

Embedded in Edwards' Analytical is the ethos of one size certainly does not fit all. Bespoke testing is at the heart of us and remains our core approach when tackling every single project.

The term we often use is that we take a “holistic approach” meaning: the totality of something is much greater than the sum of its component parts; they cannot be understood by an isolated examination; giving you, the client, the full picture.

We value open communication and welcome face to face meetings, we aren’t too ‘old school’ though and do embrace the digital age so if a meeting isn’t an option we can video call you.  We also regularly email you updates of your project.

We are able to offer  a wide range of consultancy services to back up the analysis of samples with extensive experience in the sterilisation, bio-indicators, clean rooms, septic areas and process monitoring.

With the knowledge gained over many years' experience in several industries, we find that a lot of aspects of troubleshooting can be conducted onsite or in-house to resolve your requirements in the most timely manner.

David Edwards - Director

David Edwards - Director

Working as an Analytical Chemist since 1957, David has extensive experience within the paper, plastics & packaging industries and interactions with products such as pharmaceuticals and foods.

Previously David has worked at Wiggins Teape Group, Lawson Mardon/Alcan Packaging and as Head of Packaging Analysis & Evaluation at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). He has also dabbled with the then National Coal Board and the Ministry of Defence (Chemical Inspectorate).

Whilst at GSK, David helped establish Edwards' Analytical in 1987 on a part-time basis, he later became full-time in 1996.

David is a Chartered Scientist, a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is also a past professional member of the Institute of Materials, Manufacturing and Mining and the Institute of Packaging.

His primary interest is the promotion of Chemistry, particularly Analytical Chemistry, mainly through the Teesside Local Section of the RSC and through Edwards' Analytical.

John Edwards - Quality Manager

John Edwards - Quality Manager

John started Edwards' Analytical with his father. He then went on to study for a Masters in Analytical Chemistry.

John is our Quality Manager, being responsible for overall development, implementation, and maintenance of the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS).

He oversees all aspects of quality control throughout Edwards Analytical to ensure that the organization’s Quality Management System conforms to customer, internal, ISO 9001, and regulatory/legal requirements.



Wendy Cullen - Business Manager

Wendy Cullen - Business Manager

Wendy is a graduate of Durham University School of Biomedical Science.

She brings to Edwards' Analytical nearly two decades of experience within the filtration and purification industries, serving the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food and Beverage, and Chemical sectors.

As a qualified Project Manager, Wendy is experienced in leading cross-functional teams comprising Program Managers, Formulators, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Analytical, Stability, Artwork, Packaging and Dispatch, ensuring each project meets deadlines.

Wendy is keen to develop and grow Edwards' Analytical from a business point of view but also through investment in people, empowering existing staff of and developing apprentices and graduates.

Dr. Jeff Franks - Analytical Consultant

Dr. Jeff Franks - Analytical Consultant

Dr Jeff Franks is one of our Senior Analytical Consultants.

He brings to our Company a wealth of expertise in Analytical Chemistry gained through 40 years of practical application and related study at Durham and Hull Universities.

He is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Jeff has led technical teams in internal corporate laboratories and fully customer-facing commercial businesses with responsibility to manage, develop and motivate staff in the team in order to anticipate, advise on, and meet business requirements for analysis and characterisation.

He has been problem solving for most of his career in support of production, new product development, environmental, and regulatory purposes, especially for plastics, petrochemical, catalysts, pollution control, health and safety, packaging, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, and REACH. Jeff has been author of a very large number of methods and procedures, and is known for his diligence, paying attention to technical details and especially spelling in reports.

Jeff has 27 years of ICP-MS and ICP-OES method development experience including a PhD thesis entitled “Sample Introduction into ICP-MS Systems”. He is a specialist in sample preparations and quantitative major, minor and trace element analyses in very diverse matrices. He also has a broad knowledge of analytical techniques used to provide solutions relevant to clients’ needs.


Sarah Dixon - Business Administrator

Sarah Dixon - Business Administrator

Sarah originally studied Business Management at AVCE level but then went onto work in retail management for over 10 years, with experience across may disciplines. Sarah was intrigued by the change of industry and was offered a full-time job with Edwards' Analytical in November of 2016.

She will be working alongside Edwards' Analytical Management Team to assist in your bespoke testing administration. As our Business Administrator, Sarah handles the operational, organisational and sub-managerial responsibilities of the company under David.

Sarah has various responsibilitie within Edwards' Analytical.

Analytical Chemists

Analytical Chemists

Analytical chemists analyse samples using a range of techniques such as chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography and spectroscopy. They can specialise in areas such as toxicology, pharmaceuticals, quality control or forensics. Typical responsibilities include:

  • using a range of software, techniques and equipment to carry out research and analysis
  • analysing and interpreting data
  • making sure that data is accurately recorded in accordance with guidelines
  • reporting and presenting results
  • writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries
  • keeping up to date with scientific and technical developments
  • ensuring that health and safety standards are adhered to
  • preparing product licence documentation
  • liaising with customers, suppliers and research/scientific staff
  • developing new analytical methods




Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Assistant

Lab Assistant:

We are looking for a talented and highly-analytical Lab Assistant to join our growing team. As the Lab Assistant, you will work with our senior staff to process samples, perform tests, and record and analyze results. The successful candidate will have in-depth knowledge of lab procedures and understand the importance of maintaining a clean workspace by following all lab regulations for health and safety.

In addition to having strong attention to detail, you must be responsible and demonstrate excellent communication skills. If you thrive in fast-paced working environments that require a professional with drive and exceptional analytical skills, then you could be our ideal candidate.


  • Prepare samples for testing using various laboratory equipment.
  • Maintain all laboratory records.
  • Comply with the correct procedures, policies, and health and safety regulations.
  • Conduct laboratory tests, analyze results, and document your findings.
  • Stay informed with the latest industry trends, techniques, and best practices.
  • Document all activities, results and report back to management.
  • Clean and sterilize equipment and work area.
  • Collect and prepare research and information needed for studies.
  • Classify and label samples.
  • Undertake basic administrative tasks such as filing and answering telephones.
Apprentice Laboratory Technician

Apprentice Laboratory Technician

We currently have a position for an Analytical Science Laboratory Technician Apprentice.

During the time on placement at Edwards' Analytical you will undertake and complete various laboratory based projects which will enable her to develop a set of skills and knowledge required to work successfully in the field of Analytical Science.

During a 2-year apprenticeship you will learn the following skills:

  • Laboratory safety
  • Handling of hazardous substances - awareness of radioactive and explosive materials
  • Quality and its application in a laboratory environment
  • Use of basic laboratory equipment
  • Preparation of reagents
  • Sample preparation
  • Analysis of samples
  • Checking and reporting of results

During your apprenticeship, she will work towards nationally recognized qualifications.

If this is something you may be interested in doing, Edwards' Analytical are proud to support apprenticeships. Please contact a member of our team for more information. 

Thiviya Suthagar - Intern 2016/2017

Thiviya Suthagar - Intern 2016/2017

Thiviya came to Edwards' Analytical to do her internship while studying for her Masters in Chemistry. 

We are very proud to have Thiviya and welcome Internship at Edwards' Analytical. If this is something you would be interested in, please get in touch with a member of our team. 

Position Summary: 
Edwards' Analytical are seeking an enthusiastic and talented Intern to join our Analytical Services Team. Through this exciting opportunity, Interns will gain valuable work experience to supplement their education.

Interns will be responsible for conducting routine and non-routine analysis of raw materials and drug substances as well as related compounds according to standard operating procedures. they will perform various analyses, maintain an accurate and well-organized laboratory notebook, compile data for documentation of test procedures, and prepare reports.

Interns will have to apply knowledge of good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices daily. Works on complex problems where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors. Performs data analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving.

Edwards' Analytical Requirements: 
At a minimum, applicants should have completed their 2nd year of University. They should have completed course work includes at least 2 years or more of chemistry including general chemistry and advanced level courses (e.g., organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc.) with chemistry course laboratory experience.

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry working in a GMP environment is a plus. Must have a demonstrated working knowledge of scientific principles. Practical experience in chromatography and spectroscopy would be a benefit. Good oral and written communication skills are required. Good computer and documentation skills are essential. They must be well organised and willing to work as part of a team.

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